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Eating Greens

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Eating a lot of greens can have many health benefits to you. You may not know all the good things that greens can do for you, so read on.

A substance that is found in all plants is Chlorophyll. What it does is it acts as a blood detoxifier, which helps increase circulation to all your organs. It does this by dilating blood vessels and it is also a natural deodorant because it helps reduce offensive body orders. Wow, 2 in one can’t beat that.

Super green foods come from young cereal grasses like wheat, barley, rye, alfalfa, oats, kelp, chlorella and many others as well. These have a whole lot of nutrients in them; they even have more nutrients than spinach, eggs, broccoli, chicken in calcium, iron, protein and all of the other categories as well. So it would be better for you to opt for super greens.

Did you know that super green foods are the only vegetables that can help animals maintain their weight, strength and good health even if it is consumed alone? Super greens can help boost your immune system they are powerful antioxidants, that can help you grow and have many another health benefits as well. Bottom line is super greens are one of the greatest things you can do to your body. They do so much for our bodies, so we don’t have to worry do much about being healthy.

Also another good thing is that there is no harm in eating super green foods, they give us so many nutrients and are the most natural way of getting everything your body needs to function and be healthy. So go out there and start eating more greens, after all you want to be healthy right? Don’t forget to tell everyone you know about the benefits of greens as well so they can make that same decision as well.

Eating Greens

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Want to lose weight : try detoxification

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Nutritionist believes accumulated wastes and toxins in the body are the main cause of ill health, premature ageing and obesity problems. Regular detoxification to get rid of these harmful wastes and toxins helps to improve health, vitality and slimming body.

Our body is constantly bombarded with toxins, both endogenous (metabolic waste produced in the body) and exogenous (toxins that we either breathe or ingest from external sources).It is impossible for us to avoid these toxins for they are virtually everywhere. In our food – herbicides and pesticides in fruits and vegetables, chemicals and heavy metals in fish from heavily polluted rivers and seas, Antibiotics and hormones in poultry and meat .In our drinking water chlorine, heavy metals, chemicals, bacteria and parasites from polluted water sources and old water pipes. In the air that we breathe, chemicals and smog from factories, vehicles exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, open burning and forest fires.

To effectively detoxify the body, it is recommended that we start with a good and thorough cleansing of the colon, followed by cleansing of the liver, purification of the blood and detoxification of the cells.

Dr Harvey Kellogg noted that toxic colon is the root causes of over 90% of known diseases. The BMA (British Medical Association) has found that over 179 illnesses can be traced to the colon. Regular bowel movement does not necessarily mean that the colon is free from toxins. As food moves through the intestines, bit remains, cling onto the intestinal walls and decompose. Over the years, these “leftovers” become stubborn, mucus- like plaques. Layer upon layer of this gluey, rubbery substance begins to clog up the small intestines and colon and they become like a clogged sewage pipe. When the waste stays in the colon, it becomes toxic, and releases the toxins into the bloodstream. This upsets the natural balance of intestinal flora – bad bacteria, yeast, fungi and parasites thrive in the toxic colon and produce more toxins whereas friendly bacteria that help improve digestion and nutrient absorption diminish in this dirty, toxic environment. Furthermore, when the colon walls are heavily encrusted with waste, the body is unable to absorb nutrients from food or other supplements efficiently. Hence, it is not surprising that those suffering from toxic colon would feel constantly drained of energy. It is recommended that we take a supplement that helps dislodge accumulated toxic wastes and balances the natural intestinal flora.

The liver is one the body’s major detoxification organs. Its primary role is to neutralize toxins in foods, drugs and medication, rendering them harmless before eliminating them. However, excessive amounts of toxins can overwhelm the liver, impairing its function. This may cause several symptoms of a toxic body, along with premature ageing. Age spots or “liver spots” could be a sign of poor liver function. To ensure that the liver’s detoxification function is in top condition, it is crucial to flush and cleanses the liver periodically.

Blood transports vital oxygen and nutrients to all cells in the body, and carry toxic metabolic, waste out from the cells. To remain healthy, every cell requires continuous and abundant supply of oxygen. When oxygen levels are low, cells are “suffocated” and are unable to perform their function properly. Furthermore, disease causing bacteria and parasites in the blood flourish in low oxygen environment, causing infections and health problems. By increasing the oxygen level in the blood, cells will be properly oxygenated and harmful microorganisms, eliminated.

Science has shown that we are only as healthy as our cells. We become tired when our cells are polluted and undernourished. We become sick when our cells get sick, and we only grow old when our cells grow old. So, it is important that we keep our cells clean and healthy. Cells need a spectrum of nutrients for energy, growth and repair. When cells are undernourished, cell metabolism and function decline, including its ability to repair, regenerate and rid itself of accumulated toxins, causing premature ageing and other illness. To obtain all the essential nutrients required for optimum cell health and performance, recommended you to have a supplement with a bio available, nutrient rich food supplement and live strains of friendly bacteria.

Want to lose weight : try detoxification

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Getting to Know Your New Reflection

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It’s a fact: Overweight or Obese people DO NOT LIKE mirrors or ANYTHING that reflects back to them as to how others probably see them physically. Many heavy people go as far as removing all full-length mirrors throughout their home in the attempt to avoid seeing their reflection and finding more reasons for self-loathing. They think that removing the full reflection will ease some of the harsh self-criticism. The reflection of (say it with me) “from here up” (your hands below the chin to signify the bottom line) is the only thing a heavy person wants to see reflected back.

This is what I did for years, and to my DEMISE at that! Had I kept a closer view on my reflection, maybe I wouldn’t have let the pounds pile on as they easily did for so long. But that is my 20/20 hindsight, as they often say, right?

The first thing I did after my surgery was buy a cheap $12 full-length mirror so I could “keep an eye” on how my body was changing. OH, let me tell you, how I cringed at the reflection I saw! I wiped tears away from my eyes as I knew that NOW I had the tool through the RNY bariatric weight loss surgery to get rid of the excess weight. But it was a hard reality to face that reflection.

But as the pounds kept dropping, I began to learn to love my new reflection. Sure, I saw draping skin, lack of tone, and countless other flaws I could list to fill a New York City phonebook; but the good news was that I was losing weight and my body was shrinking!

And not only did I learn to appreciate the reflection in a full-length mirror, I also learned to STOP AVOIDING reflective glass! There used to be a day when I would walk past a huge store window as fast as I could so I couldn’t see myself in the glass’ reflection… and I certainly didn’t want others seeing it either! As I was losing my weight so rapidly, I got in the habit of stopping and actually looking at myself in reflective glass at the store, a restaurant, and even marble walls in offices. My husband seemed to, one day, “had enough” of this behavior and came right out and said to me, “You are becoming too vane!” As shocked as I was that he didn’t understand me, I said, “I’m not vane… I have to make sure that it’s really ME in there… I don’t know what the NEW ME looks like half the time.” He then slumped in semi-shame at his remark and agreed that it’s even hard for him to keep up with how the new-me appears. Another reason why we don’t recognize ourselves is because our shrinking wardrobe changes so often, we don’t’ know it’s us in those clothes!

To further prove this point of not recognizing our own reflection, I want to share the following “capsule” that illustrates this point perfectly. This was one experience that a friend of mine had:

She says, “I want to a restaurant for a big birthday celebration. Across the room, I saw a woman who looked so familiar to me. I couldn’t stop staring at her, and I noticed she stared back at me a lot too. I asked my husband if he knew who the woman was across the way, but he couldn’t locate who I was talking about. I grew more and more intrigued with this woman who I knew for a certainty that I knew her from somewhere. As the night progressed, I noticed that she even had some family members who looked familiar to me… and THEN THE LIGHT BULB went off…. I WAS LOOKING AT MYSELF IN THE REFLECTION OF THE MIRRORED WALL! Talk about embarrassed! I must have spent a good half-hour wondering who that woman was, and all along it was ME!”

As you continue to lose weight, your reflection will change, and you’ll have to look at it again and again at the risk of appearing vane to others. Like I told me husband that day he called me “vane”, I further explained that one day my image will remain unchanged by weight loss and I won’t need to look as often since I can recognize myself.

So if you haven’t yet done so, get a full-length mirror in your home and take a look at yourself each week. Learn to recognize every curve, bump, bulge, etc. Then as you downsize in your body, you’ll appreciate it more because you’ll know the former you better then had you not learned to look at your reflection.

Getting to Know Your New Reflection

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A Muscle Building Tip That May Work Wonders

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Maybe you want to build up your muscles for your health, or maybe you just want to look good – there’s nothing wrong with that. Whatever your reason, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it. The truth is, any kind of mass building program is beneficial to your heart as well as to your muscles. But if you’re trying to build up your muscles, there are particular muscle building workouts that are designed specifically to help you.

In order to increase the size of muscle, the muscle must be stimulated. One way of providing the stimulation your muscles need is to exercise so your muscles will grow in size.A muscle building tip that has helped many to attain their goal is to begin training with free weights. Strength and resistance exercise will also help by motivating your muscles to develop.

A workout routine of lifting weights combined with strength training exercises will begin to gradually bulk up your muscles. Muscle building workouts done on a regular basis will not only develop muscle mass but will add to your overall health. If you are a beginner, you will want to start out with lighter free weights and slowly increase the amount of weight you lift and the number of repetitions you perform.

Free weight training along with strength and resistance training will gradually help your body develop muscle. You can use this muscle building tip to your advantage if you remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your muscles won’t be built in a day either. Building muscle is a slow process, but perseverance is the keyword to success. Anyone who has gone through the process of building up their muscles will confirm that they have been discouraged by the apparent lack of progress, but eventually they reached and maintained their goal.

Mass building workouts along with strength training will further enhance your chances of success in building muscle. Bench presses, pull-ups, push-ups, squats, and/or other exercises that target specific muscles are very effective in building muscle. It is important that you rest in between muscle building workouts to allow your muscles time to recover.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, one common occurrence while doing muscle building routines is the possibility of muscle spasms. A muscle spasm occurs when a voluntary muscle (those you can control)bunches up and tightens. Muscle spasms can occur for several reasons or no reason at all, with the result being a painful muscle contraction, or muscle spasm. Muscle spasms can sometimes be relieved by resting the muscle, massaging it or by moving around. The best way to avoid these painful spasms is to do proper warm-up exercises, and let your muscles rest in between workouts.

If you want to be successful in your efforts to build muscle mass, it is important to follow these and other muscle building tips when you begin your muscle building routine.

A Muscle Building Tip That May Work Wonders

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Foods And Exercises For A Healthy Heart

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A healthy heart is necessary for a healthy life. If you get any heart disease then you will lose a lot in your life even though you have a lot of money. Eating healthy to maintain a healthy heart is an essential thing in life. You have to be careful in choosing your food so that you can avoid any heart disease. Your food should contain less of fat, sodium, calories and have more fiber content.

Meat, butter, cheese, and milk contain more fat and hence they should be taken in fewer quantities. If you take less sodium your blood pressure is reduced to some extent and this helps in avoiding the risks of a heart disease. Problems of the heart come to the persons who are obese. It is essential to reduce the weight to avoid a heart disease. To reduce weight you have to take fewer calories. Foods that contain more fiber content can be taken. Fruits, vegetables, and grains contain more fiber content.

One of the other factors that lead to a heart disease is a sedentary life style. People who have this style of life should do some exercise that aims at strengthening your heart. With the advent of technology based jobs more and more people are working in computers. These people who work in the computer often sit before the computer without doing any physical activity. The only thing that is active is their brain and their fingers! Such people should take frequent breaks to have a little walk which can refresh them to a greater extent. Some people try to relax by sitting before the television. Either you sit before your computer or in front of the TV. This is also a bad habit. If you want to relax try to take a walk outside. Walking is a good exercise for your heart. A brisk walk for about 40 minutes daily will change your life beyond your expectations. Try it.

Cardiovascular or aerobic exercise can also be done to strengthen your heart. Some of the aerobic exercises are bicycling, jogging, jumping rope and skating. These exercises can be done for at least 20 to 30 minutes, 3 or 4 times a week. It is better to have an exercise schedule every alternate day. This habit makes you do your exercises regularly and without getting tired. If you are overweight then it is time to a look at your work schedule and allot some time for exercises. This will help you in the long way to have a healthy heart.

Foods And Exercises For A Healthy Heart

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Lose Weight Rapidly with Diet Pills Therapy

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What is obesity? Obesity is a state when you take in more calories than the calories burnt. It affects your body metabolism and results in the dissolution of fat in your body. Obesity comes with many other health-related problems like irregular blood pressure, pain in joints, and many more.

It is for sure that losing weight is not an easy task.
It is the demand of recent times to lose excess body weight at the earliest. Everyone strives hard not just to wipe out their excess body weight, but also to stay healthy

Though exercise is the best remedy for dissolving extra fat of your body, it is seen that only few of us are able to avail the benefits of exercise. It can be due to many reasons like inability to exercise, laziness, medical condition, and hectic schedules. Subsequently, diet pills therapy comes in to action by providing an easier method to shelve excess body weight. Diet pills therapy is like a boon for those people who don’t want to spend most of their time in exercises.

Diet pills are an innovative way to remove extra pounds from your body. Diet pills work effectively by suppressing your appetite. You can lose your excess weight when you take these diet pills in combination with mild exercises and a balanced diet. It is required to say “NO” to all of the following things: –

•Fried Food
•Fat enriched stuff like butter
•Junk food like hotdogs, pizzas, and many more
•Milk shakes and cold drinks
•Unscheduled dietary habits

If you want to lose weight, it is important that you should set some goals. You can’t lose weight significantly without goals. Diet pills play an important role in suppressing your appetite and in stimulating the metabolism of your body. A number of diet pills are available in the market to cure obesity as: –
•Xenical and many more

These diet pills should be taken before meals and with a glass full of water. Also, prior consultation should be taken before your go for diet pills therapy. It is to be noted that these diet pills should not be overdosed, as overdose of these pills may affect your health in an adverse manner. Few of the sober side effects of these diet pills are dizziness, insomnia, constipation, upset mouth, and dry mouth. These side effects will disappear within a few hours.

Diet pills therapy plays an important role in losing weight more rapidly. Diet pills are useful for all whether they are indulged in exercises or not. Phentermine is one of the established diet pills available in pharmaceutical market. You can buy phentermine online by just a single click of your computer mouse.

Lose Weight Rapidly with Diet Pills Therapy

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Step by Step in Combination

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There is no magic pill to weight loss, and there is no single solution. If you exercise like crazy, but have a terrible diet full of junk food and deep fat fry everything, then despite your exercise you probably won’t make the weight you want. Likewise, a great diet without exercise can only get you so far. It takes a combination of factors, and both diet and exercise, to successfully lose some weight.

One of the most basic steps is to have a healthy diet. There are fad diets to never eat meat, and other fad diets to always eat meat, but never eat carbs. For most people the best way to go is to avoid the fad and gimmick diets and find something reasonable. Making sure to eat all your fruits and vegetables each day is not only healthy, but it fills up your stomach with foods that are very light in calories and often have no fat at all. For the same reason you should eat grains and fiber every day. When it comes to meat, white is generally better than red. If you can replace beef with chicken and pork with fish—do it! The difference between those different meats are huge.

If you are a pop drinker, switch to water. For many people that alone can equal twenty pounds in a year! Suppose you drink two to three Cokes a day. That is 600-750 calories, assuming you are drinking a can and not a larger bottle. If you stop drinking pop, that is 4200 calories a week, and 16,800 a month you are not adding. A pound is 3500 calories. That means you prevent yourself from adding almost 5 pounds of calories a month just by switching to water. You know what the bonus is? Drinking ice cold water each day a actually burns 50-100 calories a day! So at the end of the month, not only do you keep five pounds off, but burn another half a pound. Water also flushes the system, and this does not even include the benefits from keeping all that sugar out of your system.

If you’re not a big exercise person, start with a 30 minute walk every day. A good thirty minute walk is 100-150 calories or more. This can also help to raise your metabolism. If you are willing to exercise a little harder, a stationary bike is a huge way to burn a large amount of calories in a short time.

Also, though many people’s schedules don’t allow for it, see if you can eat five or six really small meals instead of two or three large ones. Your body generally can’t burn more than 500 calories at any meal setting, so smaller meals not only puts less calories right into storage, but keeps the metabolism up and burning over the whole day.

Mind all the details, keep all these little hints in mind, and you might be amazed at the weight you start dropping with what seems like barely any effort at all.

Step by Step in Combination

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