Hoodia Diet Pill Natures Cure for Obesity

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Our brain, the seat of wisdom, is difficult to fool. You feign fatigue, but your brain can well see through your act. If you are on diet to reduce weight, your brain will always keep you alert to your hunger, thus always pushing you to break resolutions of eating less. And herein laid the problem of fats. Nevertheless, scientists engaged in finding a solution to obesity were not ready to relent, even if that meant fooling the brain.

Hoodia diet pill is the result of such constant research. Scientists discovered that nomads in the deserts of Kalahari, who went on hunting, would consume a cactus called Hoodia to get over the hunger. What was in the cacti that helped dampen appetite? This was the question that scientists began investigating upon. It was ascertained that Hoodia has a wonder molecule, which fools the brain into believing that the stomach is full. This is why the nomads of Kalahari could run the entire day looking out for a hunt without feeling hungry; and this is how people looking out to reduce weight will not have the desire to eat and lose weight early.

Hoodia diet pill makes use of the miracle molecule present in the Hoodia plant. It is known as P 57 molecule. The license for developing Hoodia diet pill was taken by Cambridgeshire bio-pharmaceutical company, Phytopharm, which later sold the development and marketing rights to Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant credited with developing Viagra.

A remarkable weight loss is brought about by Hoodia diet pill. In as less as 14 days, weight loss starts becoming visible on the user. Hoodia has been proven to reduce calorific intake by as much as 40%. The San people of Kalahari could not at first appreciate the use of Hoodia as a diet pill. This is because they had been using the plant to do away with the hunger pangs during periods of starvation. The San people live in deplorable conditions and Hoodia Gordonii is food, water and medicine to them. Pharmaceutical companies have promised a cut in the royalty to improve the conditions of these indigenous people.

Hoodia diet pill is organic and has no synthetic or artificial appetite control agents. Besides the users of Hoodia pill have testified that the use of the pill left no bad taste, no sick stomach, and no pounding heart at all. Moreover, the users did not feel the hunger pangs whole day. The normal dosage of Hoodia is 1200 mg in 3 to 6 pills a day. Users also complained of lesser or no side effects. Hoodia diet pill must be abstained if patient is already using any other appetite suppressant.

Failing energy and sleeplessness, associated with other weight loss drugs, can be bid farewell with Hoodia diet pill. It provides unperturbed energy. The San people also used it to treat diabetes and hypertension, although research has not yet been undertaken on Hoodia’s capabilities to treat these.

Hoodia Diet Pill Natures Cure for Obesity

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3 Ways Hoodia Helps You Lose Weight

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You’ve seen the name everywhere. Hoodia Gordonii has taken the weight loss world by storm. Being touted as the next miracle weight loss pill, Hoodia is now being put into everything from multivitamins to Trimspa.

But does Hoodia work

Considering the debacle that was Ephedra, consumers are right to be cautious about this new weight loss pill. Does Hoodia actually work to help you lose weight? Does it really do what the pill manufacturers say?

Well, Hoodia has been shown to have some specific effects in the area of weight loss. But there are certain things you should know before running out to buy the latest Hoodia pill from your drug store.

Here are 3 ways Hoodia helps you lose weight and 3 other things you should know to make Hoodia work best for you.

#1) Hoodia Makes You Physically Less Hungry

Pure Hoodia contains a molecule scientists called “P57” which, they believe, is responsible for making you feel full.

Normally, when you eat food, this food turns to glucose. When the glucose in your body rises it eventually signals to your brain (the hypothalamus) that you are full.

It is believed that “P57” molecule in Hoodia mimics the effect that glucose has on your brain, telling part of your brain (the Hypothalamus) that you feel full. Consequently, you are physically less hungry.

One of the first studies of Hoodia Gordonii was done in the UK on obese patients. Half of the volunteers were given Hoodia Gordonii, the other half were given a placebo.

The subjects were allowed to do nothing but read, watch television and eat. After 15 days it was found that those taking Hoodia had reduced their calorie intake by 1000 calories a day. Despite having unlimited access to food, the Hoodia subjects lost weight without feeling hungry.

#2) Hoodia Turns Off The Desire To Overeat

Some people have reported that not only does Hoodia make them feel full, but it also shuts off their desire to eat.

As many of us know, we can feel physically satisfied but still eat for a variety of reasons like emotions, timing and social influence. In fact emotional eating is actually responsible for more overeating than physical hunger.

Hoodia can help some people lose weight by quenching this desire to eat and breaking the emotional attachment to food.

By quenching this emotional attachment to food, Hoodia can help the individual to develop new emotional coping skills that don’t include using food for comfort.

Note: Hoodia may not have this effect on everyone, however many people have reported having less of a desire to eat after taking Hoodia.

#3) By Turning Off Your Appetite Hoodia Allows You To Start Making Positive, Healthy Food Choices

How many times have we planned to eat healthy and then that old, ugly hunger rears it’s ugly head and demands food NOW. We end up reaching for anything that’s fast, easy and usually unhealthy.

By turning off your appetite, Hoodia allows you to start to make positive, healthy food choices. It takes the pain out of building new healthier eating choices. Since you probably don’t want to be on Hoodia forever, this is a great way to lose weight and transition your eating to a healthier, lighter diet – with less pain and deprivation.

So those are 3 ways Hoodia Gordonii can help you lose weight. Does that mean that it will? Not necessarily. In order for Hoodia to help you achieve your weight loss goals there are several factors you must consider:

1) Make Sure You Buy From A Pure Source.

Unfortunately, there are scam artists who are taking advantage of the current demand for Hoodia by packaging fake Hoodia, fillers or even sawdust – and then selling it as Hoodia.

Look for genuine South African Hoodia from a seller who displays both a C.I.T.E.S certificate on their website along with Lab Assays and testing of their Hoodia pills. If you’re not sure about which Hoodia brand to buy, do more research until you feel comfortable with your decision.

2) Make Sure You Are Taking Enough Hoodia.

The correct dosage varies depending on whom you talk to but most people start with about 400 mg three times a day before meals. They then increase the dosage up as high as 1000 mg three times daily until they find the dose that works for them.

Also, give it several days for the Hoodia to take effect before you increase your current dose.

3) Make Sure You Consult Your Doctor Before Taking Hoodia or Making Any Change To Your Diet or Exercise Routine.

This one is a given but surprisingly many people don’t do it and it can result in you wasting your time and effort for no good reason. If, for example, you have a medical condition that makes it hard to lose weight, Hoodia may not work for you as you’d hoped. Talk to your doctor before trying anything new.

So those are 3 ways Hoodia works to help you lose weight and reach your goals. Hoodia does work. Make sure you follow these suggestions and you’ll be well on your way to weight loss success with Hoodia.


3 Ways Hoodia Helps You Lose Weight

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