How To Execute A Plan To Lose 10 Pounds

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You may want to lose weight to fit in your size 8 dress, while your dad has to drop a few pounds to help control his diabetes. The reasons may differ from person to person, but a common goal for most of us at some time in our lives centers around losing weight.

Regardless of how much total weight you want to lose, you can start with a small goal, like losing just 10 pounds. To reach this ultimate goal, you need to design a plan before you pursue weight loss.

First of all, when designing a plan, keep in mind your unique situation. For example, consider how much free time you have to spend on exercising. Can you spare 15 minutes a day or an hour on weekends? Also think about what kind of exercises work for you. Would you go to the gym or go roller skating in the park? Knowing your preferences helps you form a plan that you can stick with.

The two key components of your plan consist of better eating habits and regular exercise. The best plan strikes the right balance for your lifestyle, so your plan can be different from someone else. Let’s say you binge on cheesecake and you want to try playing soccer. On the other hand, your friend doesn’t care for any dessert or for sports, except to watch games. Therefore, your friend’s plan can focus primarily on diet, while your plan requires plenty of outdoor exercising and less cheesecake.

Changing old eating habits, like overeating cheesecake, involves a struggle. This change gets easier when you try new, healthy dishes. Have you tried South Asian cuisine, like lentil or spinach curry? Preparing exotic dishes requires more work: you find recipes, buy ingredients and cook.

To make the job easier, list each step separately in your plan. For instance, locate a recipe on Sunday and prepare another recipe on that day. Breaking down the tasks makes the plan more effective by giving you small, easy-to-handle steps. Accomplishing the steps boosts your self-confidence and pushes you forward.

Next, focus on the exercise position of your plan. Once again, breaking down your goal into small steps makes the plan easier to use. Would you rather exercise 7 hours a week, or 1 hour a day? Then, a plan to go bike-riding for one half hour and running for the second half hour sounds better than “1 hour.” Writing down specific exercises tells you exactly when to do which activity.

A detailed plan encourages you to commit to losing 10 pounds. As a result, you can avoid a common weight loss problem- quitting a diet before you reach your goal. Why would you want to fail, instead of succeeding at losing 10 pounds? Success in weight loss can give you increased confidence, which can spread to other areas of your life.

How To Execute A Plan To Lose 10 Pounds

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5 Great Tips On Exercise

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Have exercise misconceptions prevented you from starting an exercise program? Clear up any confusion and let these exercise tips improve your workout routine. Hopefully none of these common exercise myths, mistakes and misconceptions have prevented you from working out.

1. Common Mistake: Failure to set goals. Do you exercise without a clear goal in mind? Having a clear goal set is a critical step in exercise and weight loss success. Tracking your progress in a journal will help ensure you see your improvements, will help motivate you and help you meet your ultimate goal.

2. Common Misconception: No Pain, No Gain. Pain is your body’s way of letting you know something is wrong. Do not ignore this. When you go beyond exercise and testing yourself, you will encounter physical discomfort and need to overcome it. An example of this would be training for a marathon. It is important that you have the “base training” before getting into the advance training. The base training develops the body and gets it ready for extensive training. You need to learn to “read” your body. Is the heavy breathing because you are pushing your body or could it be the beginning of a heart attack. Exercise is important. Do it correctly and you can do it for the rest of your life.

It is normal for you to hurt after you exercise, but it must be done gradually with a good amount of rest periods to allow proper healing. There are two common problems here with beginning exercisers. You can cause long lasting damage to muscles, tendons and ligaments if you work out while you are in pain, without allowing enough rest time to heal. You might find yourself in constant and long lasting pain if you do this which means that you will no longer be able to exercise.

If you wake up the next morning after you exercised and can barely drag your aching body out of bed because everything hurts, you are going to be less motivated to exercise at all. Constant pain is a sure way to kill your exercise program.

3. Common Mistake: Sacrificing Quality for Quantity. When you are ready to increase the number of reps of a particular exercise, and strengthen the corresponding muscles, instead of forcing yourself to do a little more each time try decreasing the number of reps in a set but increase the number of sets. Also, back off to half your usual number of reps but add a couple of more sets. You will feel less tired and will be able to gain strength in your fast-twitch muscles.

4. Common Myth: Weight Training Makes Women Bulky. Weight training for a woman will strengthen and tone muscle, burn fat and increase metabolism, not build mass. Women do not produce enough of testosterone to build muscle mass the way that men do.

5. Common Mistake: Over-Emphasizing Strengths. You should start focusing on your points rather then what you are good at. This will help you balance things. For example, if your lower body is stronger than you upper body, then try to work only on this area one day a week.

Being smart about how you exercise will take you a long way. It is important to have a healthy body so get out there and start exercising today.

5 Great Tips On Exercise

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How To Stick To A Routine To Lose 10 Pounds

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You know why you’re reading this— you’ve made a bold and scary decision to lose 10 pounds. You’re doing it for better health and more self-confidence…both you can get from shedding extra weight.

But losing weight is not instant, as if you wished on a magic lamp. While we live in a culture where we expect quick results, like fast food that’s ready in five minutes, losing 10 pounds doesn’t fit in this category.

Before you start a weight loss plan, you have to prepare yourself mentally for the challenge. Remember that losing 10 pounds won’t happen overnight. And give yourself time to adjust to the new you, especially if you’ve tried to lose weight in the past and failed.

First off, carefully inspect your eating habits. For instance, do you seem to eat more when dining with company than when you’re alone? Perhaps you and your spouse have a routine where you relieve stress by drinking hot cocoa every morning. Or, do you end up eating those delectable cupcakes you baked for the school sale.

Next, based on your current eating habits, decide on specific changes you can make. Maybe you can forget about baking for the school sale and find non-food ways to participate in fundraising. And you can switch to drinking green tea every morning instead of hot cocoa. Plus, if being a dinner guest puts pressure on you to overeat, you can politely leave before dessert or try small amounts of each course to avoid offending the host.

Once you have ideas for new eating habits, make up a day-to-day meal plan. For dining at restaurants and at friends’ homes, continue to stick to your routine as much as possible. Do your best to stay within limits and soon, you will thrive on controlled eating habits.

You should also look at your exercise routine to help you lose 10 pounds. Maybe you used to be extremely active, but now spend most of your time sitting, whether at home or at work.

Decide on exercise goals, beginning with the length of time you can devote. “I will exercise 1 hour a day,” sounds great, if you don’t have too many other commitments. However, if you’re busy, you may need to adjust to a realistic goal: “I will exercise 30 minutes a day,” may be better.

You can also vary the length of time you exercise to lose 10 pounds. For instance, you have bigger chunks of time during the weekend. Your goals could be to exercise 30 minutes during the weekdays and 1 hour on weekends.

When you exercise also matters. Maybe you’re an early riser and you have free time before you take the kids to school and head to your job. Then you could try to add exercise to your morning routine. On the other hand, you might barely get out of bed and arrive almost late for work. Yet you have time to spare after work, so you would try an evening exercise routine.

Next, we come to how you will exercise. Since most of us dread this word, you have to set your mind to view exercise as playing or having fun, not as a burden. And finding activities you enjoy turns exercise into fun. Whether you give rollerblading a try, or you join a bicycling club, search out and find “exercises” that you like.

After you know what exercises you will use, get a daily planner and write down specific exercises, the time you will start, and how long you will exercise. For instance, on May 30, 9 a.m., you write, “Ride bicycle, for 30 minutes.” As you can see, a detailed exercise routine keeps you from saying, “I don’t have time to exercise.”

You’ve probably made an observation— sticking to a routine with your exercise and eating habits makes losing 10 pounds easier. But, the routine can only help you if you commit yourself…so use determination to succeed and then you really will be successful in losing 10 pounds.

How To Stick To A Routine To Lose 10 Pounds

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